Lauren Daigle and The Uncertainty of Evangelicalism

The Christian Post dropped an article recently entitled, “Lauren Daigle on homosexuality: I can’t say one way or the other if it’s a sin, ‘I am not God.’” The quote embedded in the title came from an interview the artist recently did on “The Domenick Nati Show.” Now, the quote is troubling to say the least. However, the headline is not all that shocking. Most headlines regarding Christian artists and leaders with the phrase, “What so and so says about homosexuality,” are now all too predictable. You can almost fill in the blanks for yourself. High profile figures do not make headlines for affirming the biblical and traditional understanding of human sexuality and how it relates to homosexuality. Not in today’s culture. Now, you grab the headlines of the world because you have lost grip on the Bible’s clear teaching.

Daigle has apparently had recent success in being featured on mainstream entertainment platforms. Her appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show prominently demonstrates that. The stage she is being highlighted on is no small stage and many fans are taking notice. Fans are also taking notice of the context in which Daigle is gaining traction as an artist. And they too, understand the reasoning behind appearing on Ellen’s show. Christians can and should ask the questions: Should a Christian artist go on a show like Ellen and perform? Should Daigle perform on a show where the host is a lesbian and so publicly affirms a worldview contradictory to that of the Bible? Is her appearance on mainstream entertainment an example of her being effectively salt and light or a sign of her losing her Christian roots?


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Aaron Osuna

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