Forged By Wisdom is a show seeking to build. God has given the church the blueprints for his world-wide temple. Now we need to build.

Redeeming Thoughts is here! Each week Manny, Nick, and Aaron will take particular questions related to theology, culture, and Christian living and give a biblical answer. We hope this will encourage you to not only think through the issues yourself, but help you be careful thinker in the Christian life.

Some of the best conversations happen around the table with other Christians, parsing out the Scriptures, and working through the day to day issues that face us. Join us for Redeeming Thoughts. Ask your questions and engage the issues as we dive into important topics.

The book of Proverbs is the epicenter of wisdom. Hear my son, your father’s voice. This is wisdom. We need to reclaim this wisdom. This is Wisdom For Kings.

The Garrison is the place to find all our blog posts here at WarCry Media put into audio form. Read or listen in!