Here at WarCry Media we are cooking up some exciting shows, developing all new content, and getting ready to roll out an updated website. With this will come a new podcast, a new emphasis on the church and its role in spreading the kingdom of God, and our task to learn how to build. Stay tuned for more information! Below are two podcasts currently in our rotation! Go ahead and download the WarCry Media feed on your favorite podcast player and get great content.

More to come! #TurnTheWorldUpsideDown

Weapons For Warfare is a weekly podcast hosted by David Shumaker. Each episode you will get to come alongside David and walk through a particular passage of Scripture and be equipped with weapons for this spiritual warfare that we are in. Paul reminds us that our fight is not against flesh and blood but against spiritual forces of darkness, of those principalities and powers that seek to reign over the nations and wage battle against God’s people. Thus, we are exhorted to put on the full armor of God, not only to defend against the enemies schemes, but to engage in this fight, with sword and shield.

This show will encourage you and stir your affections and thoughts towards waging warfare for the Lord Jesus Christ, the ruler of kings and nations, the one whom we owe our allegiance too. Tune in and be equipped with Weapons For Warfare. 

Around The Table is coming back! Each week Manny, Nick, and Aaron will take particular questions related to theology, culture, and Christian living and give a biblical answer. We hope this will encourage you to not only think through the issues yourself, but help you be careful thinker in the Christian life.

Some of the best conversations happen around the table with other Christians, parsing out the Scriptures, and working through the day to day issues that face us. Join us Around The Table. Ask your questions and engage the issues as we dive into important topics.