Who Are We

Welcome to WarCry Media. We are a media group out of Las Vegas, NV. For some of you, yes, this means that Christians do exist in out here in this barren wilderness. WarCry Media is simply the media extension arm of Redeemer Community Church that publishes articles, podcasts, and videos either directly from or connected to Redeemer Community.

Here you will find an array of theological, cultural, political, and practical pieces aimed at exalting Christ as LORD and bringing all thought, word, and deed captive to Him. Our general perspective will not be hard to discern, though at times it will be apparent that we are an interesting mix and do not fit into a particular theological box. We are okay with that and kinda like it. While WarCry Media is an extension of Redeemer Community Church, we do not require every opinion and piece written or recorded here to reflect what every member must believe in order to join and fellowship with the body. For that, you can visit the church website for more detail. However, you can expect that content from WarCry Media reflects the shared theological convictions of the pastors of Redeemer Community Church,  and for that, we are unabashedly open.

If you would like to know more about us or have any questions regarding what we do, feel free to reach out to us at contact@warcrymedia.com. We regularly check and reply to emails.