Are The Imprecatory Psalms For Christians?

Redeeming Thoughts, E3

Most Christians don't think that talks of crushing their enemies and calling on God to destroy their enemies is all the loving, let alone biblical. Yet, phrases like this are found throughout the Psalms and Christians must deal with them. They must deal with the imprecatory Psalms.

Are the imprecatory Psalms for Christians? While Christians have rightly adored many of the Psalms as expressions of their own heart and feelings towards God, Christians have often shied away from the imprecatory Psalms. While some ignore them altogether, others have reduced them to rudimentary expressions of religious fervor and zealotry of a by-gone era.

But is there more to the imprecatory Psalms than meets the eye? What are the imprecatory Psalms? Should Christians consider them just as authoritative and essential to Christian doctrine and life?

On this episode of Redeeming Thoughts, we flesh out how Christians ought to understand the imprecatory Psalms and if they continue to have relevance in the Christian life.

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Aaron Osuna

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