We Need To Build, Part 1

We Need To Build

The news feed on social media outlets is a reminder of the great proverbial phrase, “There is nothing new under the sun.” Truly. There is nothing new. While it may seem that the world around us is collectively losing its mind, we ought to remember that the Romans were no better and that did not hinder Christians then. We ought to remember that the world will act like the world and this ought not hinder Christians now. Christ’s gospel of the kingdom was accomplishing then what it is accomplishing now. Instead of always being shocked by what the world does, we ought to think how we can speak and act in the world, a world which the worldly will not inherit, a world which has been bought by Christ, and a world that the meek will inherit.

So as our culture descends down the drain of paganism, the church should be in midst of building for the future and to weather the current storms.  Yet the storms are upon us and we seem okay with getting beaten, battered and bruised.

To put it simply, we are in a rut. The rut of complacency. And we seem okay with it. But here is the problem. The longer we remain in the rut, the more people that pass by towards the world with some kind of good news. And believe me, everyone thinks they have good news. Everyone thinks they have a gospel.


Aaron Osuna

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