Manasseh’s Words of Warning

Let the reader be wise, and see the warning to these United States that this story bluntly gives.

Yes, our States are guilty of much idolatry and debauchery. But we are also guilty of much innocent blood. Is not our land filled from end to end with the blood of the innocent? Have we not willingly paid to establish slaughterhouses from Detroit down to Houston, and New York to LA? We are paying for 145 mills of murder in California, 87 in New York, 57 in Florida, 24 in Colorado. We the people have allowed more than 60 million innocents to be slain since 1973. It is safer to walk at night in the streets of infamous “murder capitols” than to be in an American womb.

We are guilty. We are guilty of the sin of Manasseh.

And God refused to pardon Judah. He wanted to bring wrath and so He did.

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Aaron Osuna

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