We Need to Build, Part 1

The news feed on social media outlets is a reminder of the great proverbial phrase, “There is nothing new under the sun.” Truly. There is nothing new. While it may seem that the world around us is collectively losing its mind, we ought to remember that the Romans were no better and that did not hinder Christians then. We ought to remember that the world will act like the world and this ought not hinder Christians now. Christ’s gospel of the kingdom was accomplishing then what it is accomplishing now. Instead of always being shocked by what the world does, we ought to think how we can speak and act in the world, a world which the worldly will not inherit, a world which has been bought by Christ, and a world that the meek will inherit.

So as our culture descends down the drain of paganism, the church should be in midst of building for the future and to weather the current storms.  Yet the storms are upon us and we seem okay with getting beaten, battered and bruised.

To put it simply, we are in a rut. The rut of complacency. And we seem okay with it. But here is the problem. The longer we remain in the rut, the more people that pass by towards the world with some kind of good news. And believe me, everyone thinks they have good news. Everyone thinks they have a gospel.

Proud Salt

To use analogy rooted in Scripture, the church is supposed to be the salt of the world. Yet, salt loses its saltiness as it becomes tainted and mixed and is therefore good for nothing (Matthew 5:13). This is basic. Yet, salt is also no good if it is not used. If salt is not applied, if it is not in action, it is of no value to anyone. The savor produced by the salt and the salts preserving power is of little consequence if not applied. It would be as if a tall shaker of salt became proud of that fact that it had been declared to be salt. Declared pure. Declared undefiled by outside contaminants. Declared to be of maximal use in preserving and flavoring food, all the while a pile of meat sits next to it rotting…you get the point?

Mounting Empirical Evidence

Let’s make it even more obvious. Flip on the TV. Browse your phone. Fire up the computer. There is no end to critical commentary and analysis. I mean…I am doing it right now. What do you notice? What do you hear?

“Politicians want to steal your money and strip your freedom!” Who would have guessed?

“Preacher wants you to sow a seed into his…I mean… “God’s” private jet fund!” There are “preachers” like that?

“The tolerance police are being intolerant of tolerant people?” No way?!

You see. That’s easy. But that’s the point.

There is no shortage, no lack of discerning people who despise corrupt government, who despise religious charlatans and who despise hypocrisy. Heck, nowadays most seem to despise any and everything under the sun. The gamut of conservatives with this nagging ability is ample. Christians seem too possess this knack but with all the baggage of complacency that comes with it.

What Builds the House?

The question is: what do we have to show for it? What’s the payout? What have we built in the place of the ruins of Babel? May it be that what we lack is not the eyes of discernment but the hands that build?

Now, you need eyes to build. Bad foundations, shoddy material, and clueless men are not ingredients to constructing a house. And as Jesus noted, when the wind, waves and floods of God’s judgement come upon the house it will be shown to be built upon the sand and therefore to the shame of those foolish builders (Matthew 7:24-27).  To state it bluntly, discernment better not be lacking. But discernment does not build the house. Hands do.

We Are Temple Builders

That’s just it. We are temple builders. We are partaking of Christ’s great redemptive work of building a temple for all of the nations. Christian, we have been led up Mount Zion, the great and high mountain of God, and seen the beauty of that city, that New Jerusalem. The city whose light will guide the nations. The city whose gates will remain open so that the glory of kings and nations will enter in. Christ has secured this. He has received a kingdom and He has tasked us to accomplish this Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).

So Christian. Go. Build.

Aaron Osuna

One Response to “We Need to Build, Part 1

  • Kerri Boutin
    4 years ago

    Very encouraging truth that we need to keep at the forefront of our minds, especially now with so many who profess Christ but don’t live like it. Thank you!!

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