The WarCast | Strachan, Moore, Why Only Men Should Preach In Church

If there wasn’t already enough controversy brewing in the Southern Baptist Convention, we’ve got some more. Feminists are in the camp. And they want the pulpit. The question before the SBC is, “Will we uphold what Scripture teaches regarding the qualifications of preachers?”

This week a recent spark flared in the debate as Beth Moore reacted to Owen Strachan’s post on complementarianism with a long thread of messages regarding the issue and Owen’s unwavering stand on complementarianism. What resulted was not so much clarity from Beth Moore herself but from a brief report by Relevant Magazine, entitled “Beth Moore Takes a Theologian to Task About Why Women Can and Should Preach In Church.”

Need we say any more?

Listen in as The WarCast dissects the issue and what it spells for the SBC and evangelicalism at large.

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