The WarCast | Music and The New Apostolic Reformation, Part 5

The NAR is spreading across evangelicalism like a tsunami wave and many are being taken in by its current. Though hard to define at times, the NAR has distinct theological characteristics. Moreover, it is a movement that is capturing the hearts and minds of young evangelicals and many unchurched youth. Flashy shows, loud modern music, hip pastors, and being “in tune with the Spirit” are all elements of the NAR.

Yet, what separates the NAR from other seeker friendly trends in evangelicalism is its core belief that a Third Wave of the Spirit has given to the church modern day apostles and prophets to lead and guide the church. Standing on this foundation is the charismatic mania that defines NAR and its many leaders and followers. From claims of healing, prophecies, to glory clouds and God speaking personally to its leaders and followers, the NAR is an attractive appeal to younger generations who see traditional Christianity as cold and dead. Why should you be aware of the NAR? What is the NAR? What do they believe? What do they teach? Why are they so dangerous?

Listen to Part 5 of our series on the New Apostolic Reformation and find out why!

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Aaron Osuna

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