Our Mission


We exist to sound the war cry. Jesus is Lord. Christians have forgotten this truth. In a culture of many gods and many lords, Christ seems just one among many. Christians have relegated Christ as just a resurrected personal Savior, with no bearing on life and how we live.  But Christ is not only the resurrected Savior, He is the exalted King. Christ is Lord. Christ is King. This is a proclamation of Jesus’s crown rights over every square inch of the world. All kings, all rulers, all peoples and all nations must kiss the son, and submit to his rule.  Our purpose and mission is simple: Turn the world upside down for Christ by proclaiming the good news of the kingdom – Jesus is Lord.


Confess Christ as Lord, proclaim Him as Lord, and live to see his rule and reign extended from sea to sea to the ends of earth.  And watch as the nation’s rage and peoples plot in vain. We want all Christians and all churches to proclaim and live in light of Christ’s rule and reign. For Christians, the call of discipleship is a call to follow after Christ, to take up his gospel, and to spread his Kingdom. We are to not sit back and watch. We are not to be complacent. We are not to be quite. Christ as Lord is good news. But it is also a call to arms. A call to come and die for Christ. A call to follow after Christ. A call to engage in spiritual warfare, to storm the gates of hell, and to see the gospel of the kingdom tread down the kingdoms of the world and for nations to be discipled in obedience to Christ.


Christian, Christ is Lord. He rules and reigns. He is sitting at the right hand of Father and been given all power and authority. He has been given a kingdom, a kingdom that will have no end. His kingdom will prevail. His enemies will be made his foot stool and the nations will come to worship and obey the Son. His church will prevail through her work, sufferings, and trials. The King will receive his reward. So sound the war cry. Turn the world upside down.


WarCry Media exists to

  1. Stir Christians to confess, live and proclaim Christ in all areas of life. We are pressing Christians to believe God at His word and obey Him.
  2. Calling Christians to serve and be committed to the authority of a  local church under Christ’s Lordship. Christ has given the commission to the church to go out into the world because all authority in heaven and earth has been given to Him. Thus, we are to take the gospel for Christ and for His kingdom to the nations. But we cannot do so apart from a church, apart from Christ’s body. It is the church, not the individual alone, whom the gates of hell will not prevail against.
  3. Take up our crosses for the sake of Christ and his gospel and bear witness to him and his kingdom. We are to engage the world, call the nations to repent and believe the gospel, and disciple them in obedience to Jesus Christ.