Abandoning God’s World

The Western world has collectively discarded its Christian heritage and is seeking in a fit of madness to abandon God’s world. Just several weeks ago, a British tribunal, ruled that the Department for Work and Pensions did not discriminate against former employer David Mackereth, who refused to use transgender clients preferred pronouns. The tribunal, by divine fiat, has declared Mackereth to be in the wrong. They have upheld the law of the pagan gods and have declared Christ and his church to be heretics and thus to be excommunicated.

While this may come as no surprise to Christians in the West, given the trajectory of the Western culture in the last decade, it serves as a reminder for Christians: everybody has a god. What is currently happening in Britain and in other parts of the world, who often claim to have thrown off the shackles of Christianity, is the simple trading of one master for another master. One gospel for another gospel. One law for another law.

Secularism is not new under the sun. Its simply a repackaged paganism, without hope and without God in the world. Yet, God’s world is inescapable. God’s creatures can only hide and suppress this truth for a time. As Christians, we ought to show that the king has no clothes and that Britain has no standard. While they claim to be wise, they are fools. So why let the fools run around claiming they have escaped from God’s world?

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